Experienced Staff

We are a team comprising of very experienced staff, who have in depth knowledge of maid hiring and recruitment process and possess dedication towards their assigned works.

Quality Service

As a team we offer the best quality services so that your maid hiring experience will not just be hassle free but also a pleasant experience.

Reasonable Fees

As far as our charges are concerned we offer the best negotiable prices. Combined with a mix of quality services and competitive rates, we just do not charge for the services but also offer the best valued services for money.

Add-on Services

Our add on services include supply of already trained and groomed maids, runner services and exchange of maids under justified case at not extra cost.


We are more an active and well organized team than just a recruitment agency and we make available migrant domestic workers who are normally called and referred to as foreign domestic workers of varied age, gender and ethnic background, capable of carrying out a range of household chores, tasks and services of different levels in Singapore and around.  Since a proper job and a stabilised source of income augment the social and financial standing and the outlook of the domestic workers pertaining their family, we concoct fool

Director’s Message


Certain hassles in life are better understood if one experiences them rather than verbally hearing from someone about it. This has in a way been the motivating factor for the formation of the “Unique Maid Agency”. Being an employer of a house maid in the past, we have gone through the difficulties that one encounters while hiring a house maid. The process begins from the searching of a suitable maid, selecting the domestic worker, cross checking the credentials, personal interviews, negotiations, documentation and execution of agreement, then train her and make her aware of the house regulations, work schedule and allied tasks, and in case she is not up to the expectations then again look out for a replacement by approaching the maid agency. It is in this stage the employers are oppressed. Because the documenting fees, and other related expenses has to be borne by the employer all over again in case the employer chooses a maid of different category. So in order to eliminate this annoyance, we decided to offer the replacement as per the choice of the employer / client without a hefty charge. This has been an advantage while in comparison with the other competitors in this sector. Nevertheless the other motives behind the formation of Unique Maid Agency is that assisting prospective employers in recruitment of house maids which is always a tricky exercise.


with a vision to offer second to none services in maid hiring and recruitment, Unique Maid agency has been formed. With a steadfast intend to bring about a remarkable transformation in the hiring processes so that it mutually fits in the slots of both the maid and the employer, we strive hard to the best of our levels to accomplish our endeavours.


Starting off with a mission to assist the prospective employer and reduce the burden of the cumbersome procedures and actions, we at unique maid agency sincerely assist and offer strategic solutions that are proven and genuine.

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